Oil Station Design Project

Gas StationThis particular project was developed with a team of two great creative professionals, both of them are architectural professional, this project was my first time working leadership along with team to get goals and customer satisfaction.

Modeling using AutoCAD, rendering using 3DS Max, post production using Adobe Photoshop, Premiere and Combustion.

Project developed in four phases. (14 weeks)

  1. 2D floor plant drawings: Drawing floor plans, prepare several basic 3D models (AutoCAD),
  2. 3D models: Developing models in 3D environment, prepare all materials library, the stage with all illumination controls and cameras paths settings (3DS Max),
  3. Images rendering and retouching: Making images from the 3D models, prepare brand logo and brochures for promotions stuff such as pop materials and clothes, all images were generated using 3DS Max and retouched on Photoshop.
  4. 3D animation: Unveil product to customers sponsors and stakeholders, the last project phase was make an animation, the development was made in two steps, first one was make all video shots, secondly make post-production developing effects and sounds, all post-production was developed using Premier and some effects were added from Combustion.